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What Do We Do?

A new kind of leader in labour and service procurement

NHD offers an intelligent platform for contractor management, enabling clients and suppliers to seamlessly collaborate throughout all stages of project planning to payment for asset intensive operations.

The Market is Changing

The demand for external talent is rising.

Through our AES/32 Platform, we are revolutionizing the management of external talent. Through AES/32, you can seamlessly integrate independent contractors, freelancers and non-permanent workers into the contemporary workforce.

Manage, optimize and procure your external workforce

Seamlessly integrate unit-rate and project specific catalogues that calculate expenses for simple and complex projects

Real time visibility of completed and in progress work

Notify users of differing contract prices and supply visual aids to show previous price trends

Mobile solution to record work progress and request new work orders

Create, send and approve your invoices with a push of a button

Keep documents and contract information accessible for years

making your job easier

Making Your Job Easier

The AES/32 Platform provides better communication, efficiency and transparency between your company and your contractors.

Features Included
Supplier Management
Unit Rate Catalogues
Sourcing/Quotation Execution
Service Procurement
SAP Solution Integration
Project Management
Third Party API Integration
Scaffolding Management

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Talk to us about the AES/32 Platform – A technology designed to solve the complexities of managing the modern workforce.

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