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Business Analyst & Data Scientist

Engage with extensive data points using AES/32. Begin forecasting, reporting, and executing on intelligent business decisions like never before. Experience end-to-end data analytics that drive real value in your contractor management processes.

AES/32 For Analytics Specialists

Central Document Tracking And Archiving Solution

Data Integration

Use Centralized documentation. Benefit from Internal integration with SAP. Option to integrate directly with suppliers’ ERP system for a seamless end-to-end process. Use Cloud integration for data exchange with third party applications

Data Quality

Eliminate dispute when the same data set is used by all parties. Improve data accuracy with seamless integration of data transfer between account systems and document systems. Create data consistency and transparency across all partners in you AES/32 Ecosystem

Data Usage

Connect to all integrated processes e.g. automated auditing & cost calculation. Avoid overpayments due to missing transparency in invoice accuracy. Supporting projects with consistent forecasting and subsequent performance analysis


Use centralized data storage and therefore efficient communication. No more need for email communication for data exchange. Reduce error rate during data transmission through seamless data transfer and single source of truth

Data Visualization

Interactive customizable and dynamic dashboards on critical KPIs, including: Planned vs actual spend tracking. Resource utilization and billing overview. Supplier performance management. Performance based delivery. Presentation of analysis and strategic relevant info in manifold visualizations

Dynamic Reporting

Analyze data like you need it: spending trends, resource utilization, cost saving opportunities using dynamic reports. Create personalized reports through self-service reporting capabilities​. Reduce manual effort in report creation by creating scheduled reports pushed to user groups

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AES/32 is a cloud-based platform for labour and service procurement enabling clients and suppliers to seamlessly collaborate throughout all stages of project planning to payment for asset intensive operations.

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