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AES/32 Modules

Effectively Manage Turnarounds, Routine Maintenance & Capital Projects

AES/32 includes variety of distinctive modules that include the following:

Our modules bring management and transparency to a whole new level. AES/32 modules are designed to fit each client’s unique needs. We are continually working to develop new modules and features to better service our clients in their digital service procurement transformation. All modules can be configured according to specific needs.

time and materials


Our sourcing module allows you to manage sourcing events; leveraging predefined unit rates for materials, labour, equipment, and rentals.


The module is flexible to adapt the unit rates to your needs in order to facilitate the most effective sourcing process and creating transparency throughout the execution of the procurement process following the negotiated rates, terms, and conditions.


An effective module that allows you to generate purchase orders. Optionally, you can generate purchase orders on previous requested and negotiated quotes; all integrated. 


In addition, our end-to-end procure-to-pay suite allows you to receive, review, and approve all your service receipts from either a desktop or mobile allowing a 100% compliant P2P process.

procure to pay
workforce management

Workforce Management

To effectively manage your nested and project based contractors in a single user interface, AES/32 provides the capability to efficiently assign and track workers to work orders, projects, or any other account assignment. 


In addition, our solution provides the capability to clear visibility and management of your contractor cost by having real-time visibility of contractors on-site and charged only to approved and assigned work orders.

Scaffolding Management

If you are tired of managing your scaffolds offline, our solution is the perfect fit. Not only can you manage the setup of new scaffolds, you can also manage current scaffolds in the field in real-time by defined measures (eg. date of setup, duration in use, additions, and many more).


Eliminate wasted spend on scaffolds that are in the field which you do not have either the visibility or capacity to take down in time. A seamless integration to the supplier’s portal allows you to communicate instantly with your scaffolding suppliers on new requests, additions, and disassembly.


scaffolding management
turnaround management

Turnaround Management

The biggest challenge in turnarounds in the effective management of the overall turnaround and on-time data availability is one of the most important success drivers. AES/32 provides you with the capabilities of effectively managing your external workforce assigned to turnaround projects. 


By having the flexibility to assign and re-assign your workforce flexibility to your turnaround demands, you will always maintain a real-time overview of your current and outstanding efforts. 

Time Management

With AES/32, not only do you have the capability to have the external workforce associate their time to predefined service categories, you also have the flexibility to integrate time management capabilities. By defining the work orders or other account assignments to which the workforce can record their time, you will no longer be challenged on reconciling straight time, overtime, weekend hours, etc.


AES/32 allows flexibility to define the parameters to which the time recording should be managed; eg. auto population of time entries, sophisticated algorithms to validate time entries against planned efforts, and many more opportunities.

time management
supplier management

Supplier Management

Evaluate the performance of supplier’s work based on pre-defined criteria and ratings while visualizing performance over a period of time. 


Support performance review meetings with actual and real-time data gathered from the field. 


With daily updates on performance, compliance, and cost control, AES/32 provides curated data in an easy-to-use dashboard.


How often does your organization run into audit issues, where you were challenged to reconcile the service performed to the payments made while having full transparency to the negotiated rates?


AES/32 allows for 100% compliance on the source to pay process, plus it allows flexibility to implement unit runs to be performed by your work coordinators, suppliers, and corporate audit team.



Our flexible analytics capabilities allows you to manage all aspects of your external workforce management cost. No more costs that are associated to unknown activities.


Tired Of The Lack Of Transparency In Your External Spend?

Keep your business running smoothly with transparent labour and service procurement.

Simplify all tasks related to the management of the external workforce.