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Maintenance Planning

maintenance planners

AES For Maintenance Planners

Experience 100% contractor compliance in your routine maintenance. 

Experience 100% contractor compliance in your routine maintenance. 

Integrated Process From Planning to Payment

Process Structure

Communicate Work Order, Purchase Order, and Service Confirmation with suppliers on one Cloud platform. Link documents tracking and project execution. Check and control billing and payments automatically. Reduce manual follow ups and email approval workflows.


Create digital sourcing events with existing or new suppliers that are not yet onboarding in ERP. Compare and analyze quotes easily. Create purchase orders from awarded quotations seamlessly.

Project Management

Link planning or project management tools to order & payment tools. Immediate access to all stored project documentation. Manage and track project progress at component level (status milestones, planned vs actual cost, resource planning, quality, documentation)​. Greater control over project relevant documents and their modifications​.

Forecast, Payment & Auditing

Improve Spend forecast by comparing actual versus estimated/planned costs using dashboard reporting. Validate pricing and billing with automated processes, increase efficiency in uncovering mismatches. Audit randomly with preset business rules to ensure compliance.

Maintenance Planning for Today

end to end process

5,000+ successful deployments with companies like you.

AES is a cloud-based platform for labour and service procurement enabling clients and suppliers to seamlessly collaborate throughout all stages of project planning to payment for asset intensive operations.

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