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Procurement & Contract Specialist

Today’s workforce demands strategic procurement & contract processes. Gain efficiency, reduce costs, increase visbility and communication with all parties.

Procurement Specialist

AES For Procurement & Contractor Specialists

Automation And Transparency From End-To-End

Data Integration

Use Centralized documentation. Benefit from Internal integration with SAP. Integrate data from suppliers and other contractors. Use Cloud integration for data exchange with third party databases

Spend Visibility and Planning

Provide data hub features to support machine learning to achieve greater data insights. Bring internal & external data into context & correlation to achieve full spend visibility. Provide standard set of purchasing levers to plan and operationalize sourcing strategy

Predictive & Smart Spend Forecast

Improve Spend forecast by comparing actual versus estimated/planned costs using dashboard reporting. Validate pricing and billing with automated processes, increase efficiency in uncovering mismatches. Audit randomly with preset business rules to ensure compliance

Act & Monitor

Monitor, control, alert, simulate and measure saving performance and planning accuracy. Notify all stakeholders with adequate messaging. Benefit from Trackable Plan-to-Pay information. Use customizable dashboards for monitoring and controlling. Increase data visibility of project cost tracking, sub-contractor mgmt., resource utilization and spend data analysis

Supplier Onboarding

One stop shop for supplier onboarding via integrated Cloud platform: Collecting supplier’s info. Obtaining supplier’s validation of catalog. Register all supplier users’ profile details.

Supplier Management

Evaluate supplier performance in real-time per job completion. Increase transparency about contractor activities through individualized news feed.​ Manage supplier information using the supplier portal (news feed, access to relevant client information, etc.).

Dynamic Catalogues

Utilize structured price format with multi-layer levels, including unit rate pricing. Ability to mass load catalogue items with standardized format. Ability to track pricing history and make price comparisons across suppliers. Easy referencing due to including of supplier's article code in the catalogue.


Manage contractual prices with indexing complex price structures. Easy contract updating using standardized templates. Faster contract creation with ERP integration. Monitor contract lifecycle. Facilitate contract approval and electronic signing processes

Equipped For Today's Workforce

transparency of category spend

5,000+ successful deployments with companies like you.

AES is a cloud-based platform for labour and service procurement enabling clients and suppliers to seamlessly collaborate throughout all stages of project planning to payment for asset intensive operations.

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