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AES/32 Catalogues

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Unit Rate & Skill Catalogues

Unit rate catalogues provide full transparency of the performed work for the client as well as the service provider. Our unit rate and skill catalogues are based on industry best practices and are defined in a way that allows the service provider to submit effort and time for predefined work packages enabling a fast and easy work process. 


Contact us for a more detailed list of catalogues you will have access to with AES/32.

supplier management

Project Specific Catalogues

Set up project specific catalogues based on predefined catalogue items or adding new customized ones. These can entail items in different dimensions ranging from labour units, material, rental, or even specific services.


AES/32 provides the option to configure your own catalogue for specific projects to effectively manage the cost of the projects and provide an efficient way to procure and record services performed.

Time and Materials

AES/32 allows the service provider to enter time and material in an efficient manner with the option to differentiate T&M by worker and skill set. This allows the service provider to provide any material they used for specific jobs along with the time submission, increasing transparency significantly in work performed and material used. 

time and materials
fixed prices and lump sum

Fixed Prices & Lump Sum

In the event where the client has negotiated a fixed price, we have a standard solution to manage the work and effort performed for a certain job. While the customer has the capability to approve the intermediate work, all the approved work will be consolidated and paid out as fixed price either at the end of the project or in stages.


Having full visibility in terms of project progression and work performed allows you to effectively track effort and cost against fixed price arrangements. 


AES/32 facilitates lump sum and milestone-based transactions, supported by detailed tracking of work performed.

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