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Project Management

aes for project managers

AES For Project Managers

Greater Control. Improved Visibility. Increased Automation.

The AES Platform for Project Managers enables creation and monitoring of demand specific projects linked to other planning tools.

Data Structure

Ease of project/work sign off using integrated approval workflow. Track changes of order job specification with centralized documentation (e.g., Contracts, ISO drawings). Improve data integration with ERP and other bolt-on systems.

Contract Execution

Create orders directly from cost estimation or quotation. Align 100% to contracted prices using standardized work time entry and service completion entry. Link payments directly to documentation control.

Automated Process

Communicate Work Order, Purchase Order, and Service Confirmation with suppliers on one Cloud platform. Link document tracking and project execution. Check and control billing and payment automatically.


Real time tracking of project progress at component level (status milestones, planned vs actual cost, resource planning, quality, documentation)​. Monitor supplier performance and cost controls with data transparency and customizable dashboards. Audit any time with flexible setup to meet specific business rules​.

Modern Project Management

modern project management

5,000+ successful deployments with companies like you.

AES is a cloud-based platform for labour and service procurement enabling clients and suppliers to seamlessly collaborate throughout all stages of project planning to payment for asset intensive operations.

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