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Contractor Management Software


Bridge the gap between your company and your external workforce in the full source-to-pay cycle.

Contractor Management Software

In today’s economy, we see a shift in our workforce.


In the traditional workforce the majority of the workers were direct employees.


Today, more and more companies hire contingency staff to complete specialized tasks.


Oversight over these independent contractors, freelancers and non-permanent workers is often abysmal.


The AES/32 platform improves the oversight of this growing industry in our workforce.


AES/32 exists to provide better communication, efficiency and transparency between your company and your external workforce in the full source to pay cycle.

Revolutionize how you track contractor labor, equipment, and material

The AES/32 Platform is a Contractor Management Software Platform that simplifies & automates Contractor Management processes. 


AES/32 improves communication and transparency, and reduces contractor labor, material, and equipment spend for maintenance, turnarounds, shutdowns, and capital projects.

How AES/32 Optimizes Your External Workforce

Negotiate Better Rates

With all rate schedules in one place, and with skill set mapping as part of an automated solution, it becomes feasible to be able to negotiate the best rates as contracts come up for renewal.


Leverage Current Data in Decision-Making

An automated contractor cost management system gives companies the ability to use data from previous shifts to plan future activities. This is one of the key benefits of collecting and processing contractor labour costs in real time.


Improved Transparency for Managers 

Immediate availability of workforce information, schedules and work progress notes allows Foreman-level supervisors to be more proactive in their day-to-day management.


Regulatory Compliance

Ensures that approvals of work performed by workers can easily take place at a level appropriate to the task. This helps ensure higher level managers will be compliant with all relevant regulations. 

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Your solution for the external workforce and service procurement industry

Not only do we have a long standing history of successfully managing workforce and service procurement needs, but we have also committed in expanding our modules and catalogues in order to find a solution for each unique company we work with.


Our goal is to provide a solution that is easily configured in order to provide a fit that moulds to each organization’s particular needs.


Solve your most complex challenges in managing your contractors with AES/32.

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Discover The Capabilities

Be part of an ecosystem that revolutionizes the management of external talent.

Manage, Optimize, Procure

The AES/32 platform can manage, optimize and procure your external workforce.

Unit-Rate Catalogues

Seamlessly integrate unit-rate and project specific catalogues that calculate expenses for simple and complex projects alike

Mobile Solution

A mobile solution to record and manage time entries

Real-Time Visibility

Experience the benefits of real-time visibility of completed and in-progress work


Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing your documents and contract information are safely accessible for years to come


Auto-generate invoices based on approved time allocations


With AES, your team can notify users of differing contract prices and supply visual aids to show previous price trends

Our Value Proposition

Simplify the way you manage and monitor complex services with our differentiated features.

Standardized Processes

Standardized process to manage your external workforce effectively


Transparency in your labour and material cost, eliminating hidden fees and uncontrolled spending

Contract Compliance

Enforced contract compliance through 100% alignment of rates and negotiated terms and conditions

Minimized Admin Tasks

Minimized administrative tasks focusing on core value added activities

Real Time Visibility

Real time visibility of completed and in progress work

Leverage Savings

Leverage generated savings for investments to improve market position

5,000+ successful deployments with companies like you.

AES/32 is a cloud-based platform for labour and service procurement enabling clients and suppliers to seamlessly collaborate throughout all stages of project planning to payment for asset intensive operations.